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Hi everyone!

I am the creator of this game that I hope will be fun for you. For now there is not a file to download (I mean the actual game), but you can donate if you are interested to support me while creating.

Who am I? My history.

My name is Antonio D'Andria, and i'm a undergraduate. A few years ago I began to study some programming languages. I started with html at 12 years old, and over the years I've also learned 3d modeling with different kind of programs. In addition to, I have studied music for over 15 years as a pianist, and I also used a lot of audio software. Has been for a couple of years that I study the c# and using it in unity, and I am now able, after several trials, to build a game. This Game.

Why God Simulator GAME isn't downloadable?

Simply: although there is a prealpha version, the game mechanics are not yet defined. So, it is useless to let you download it now for something that is not yet playable.

Please support me. Why? Because there are some costs that can not deal with alone.

For you it may be little. For me it is a lot.


For now, is available to buy a simple image, the game's logo. This only for support us in early phase of development.